MEAU Applicant Fraud Notice


Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. (“MEAU”) has been informed that there are individuals who are fraudulently posing as MEAU human resources department employees or recruiters but who are in no way associated with MEAU or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.  These individuals have reportedly posted fraudulent job advertisements on internet job boards and/or communicated via email with applicants and have either offered to send applicants money or software or have requested that job applicants send them money.  The job postings and emails may appear to be legitimate with unauthorized uses of Mitsubishi Electric trademarks and copy right material.  Please note that MEAU and its affiliates do not request that job applicants send or receive money.  Some signs that a job posting or communications are fraudulent include:

  • Requests that a prospective job applicant send money to the recruiter or a human resources department
  • Email or internet requests for Social Security Number or financial information
  • Correspondence from e-mail accounts such as Outlook, Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or  Hotmail
  • Requests to add the recruiter to your buddy or friend list on Google or Gmail messenger
  • An offer to send you a laptop and/or software to enable access to the recruiter’s electronic tracking web system
  • Offer to send you funds for the purchase of work supplies needed for training
  • Failure to conduct an in-person interview before making a job offer
  • Failure to list a location for the job
  • Misspellings and grammatical errors

If you receive any suspicious recruiting emails or see a suspicious job posting related to MEAU or its affiliates, please file a report of the incident on the FBI’s Internet Complaint Center (“IC3”) web site at