External Referral Program

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. (MEAU) is now offering an External Referral Award Program.The purpose of this new program is to reward people outside of our organization who refer candidates to MEAU. If the candidate is hired, the referrer could be eligible for a $500 bonus!

How to refer a candidate:

You may see our postings out on social media or our website and think of someone you know that is a fit for that position. Have them apply to our site, noting EXTERNAL REFERRAL as their source. Within the apply process, they will be asked to include the referrer's information so we have that on file. Additionally, we encourage the referrer to also send an email to us at applicantsupport@meau.com to let us know that you've referred a candidate and that they will be applying. Please be sure to include their name when sending us the email.

If the candidate is selected for hire, you as the external referrer are eligible for a $500 bonus!

There is no limit as to how many people that you refer to MEAU, however the referrer is only eligible for the bonus if their referral is hired.

Please contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist if you have any additional questions regarding our External Referral Bonus Program. We look forward to meeting your referrals!